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AirwaySim - Online Airline Sim

Airline Management Simulation

For educational and corporate use

Train and teach using online simulation software

Teaching and learning something new has never been easier. AirwaySim online simulation lets your students to take controls of their very own airlines and easily learn new and exciting details about managing and running an airline.

The software is the perfect learning tool and aid for your teaching - bring your classroom alive!

Detailed airline business simulation

AirwaySim is a detailed multiplayer airline business simulation where each user (or group) is tasked in founding and building a successful airline.

The complicated airline management environment and dozens of related aspects are easily demonstrated using this online simulation. Players will have the opportunity to make strategic business decisions and they can also focus on managing the detailed aspects of everyday airline operations thus learning a lot of what is going on behind the scenes of an airline.

The business decisions made by each player/team will affect the other players and this interactivity will let the students can gain important knowledge on basics of airline management.

Players have the option to research routes, set aircraft schedules, manage ticket prices, manage staff numbers and salaries, lease/purchase aircraft, manage corporate brand, browse statistics and much more. The realistic accounting system allows players to get familiar with proper financial statements of companies.

Flexible and customizable simulation scenarios

Our airline online simulation scenarios have a wide variety of options that can be customized to suit the individual training needs of your organization.

The simulation's settings allow full customization of the economic variables such as global air travel demand, fuel prices, airport fees and interest rates. Also the available airports and aircraft models can be customized for each scenario. The number of users for each scenario is not limited; the simulation can manage even up to 1000 users at the same simulation scenario.

Teach in classroom or long distance

AirwaySim is well suited for both classroom teaching and distance learning concepts. The players can use the simulation at any time which is ideal for distance learning, or alternatively the simulation can be kept open for users only during their class hours if the simulation is a group project.

Thanks to the very easy setup and intelligent software structure (no software installations, works on all platforms and devices) students can easily access the simulation also at home or elsewhere off-hours if needed, and most importantly they can use their own preferred devices (computer, laptop, iPad..) to get connected.

The instructor has always access to a separate Instructor Control Panel where he can monitor the progress and statistics of each user involved even if he is not physically at the same location with the students.

For high schools, colleges and universities alike

Online simulation is the perfect learning tool for schools and universities. With AirwaySim you can make learning a truly fun and exciting experience that the students will remember after the course.

AirwaySim is the most detailed and user friendly online airline simulation software available and is suitable for audiences of all ages. Players can start with the very basics when setting up their own airline and later on move on to more detailed aspects of management decisions.

Pricing structure of our simulations is based on type and duration of the simulation scenario and also on number of students involved. The usage of AirwaySim's online simulation is very cost effective per student compared to old non-online software licenses. Please contact us for details.

Simulate history, present date or the future

AirwaySim's extensive database includes 2800 airports worldwide and nearly 500 different aircraft models ranging from 1930s all the way to future prototype aircraft models not yet flown in reality. The system allows simulation of any time span between 1950 and 2030 with corresponding airports and aircraft for the era, as well with period-accurate economic setup.

All data is based on real-world information and has been thoroughly checked to give a realistic baseline for the simulation.

The availability of different airports and aircraft models is fully customizable for each scenario.

Easy and smooth setup

All custom AirwaySim simulations are provided under easy and ready-to-go packages where all necessary setups are made by our local administrators - the instructor does not need any technical knowledge to get started.

Upon start-up we shall provide all necessary details from user account details to tutorial documentation, and the instructor can start the simulation with a push of a single button from his online Instructor Control Panel page. Our smooth setup guarantees the instructor to focus on the essential; interaction with the students.

No software or hardware installations required

To train using AirwaySim's simulations your organization does not require any expensive separate software or hardware installations nor the help of the local IT department. The simulation is accessible fully online and managed under AirwaySim's dedicated web servers as a cloud-based software. You can also forget the need for any software updates or patches - it's easy, fast and always up-to-date!

Users can access AirwaySim's simulations on their preferred computer/device at any given time at any given day - all they need is a computer connected to the internet that has any modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE..). The simulation interface is also optimized and tested for modern touch-screen devices such as the iPad; however a desktop/laptop computer setup is recommended.

Our dedicated server hardwares are only used to process our airline simulations (no other users). This setup guarantees the best and fastest possible online user experience. The uptime and response times of the servers are automatically monitored and our technical administrators are on 24h stand-by.

Detailed customization available

If required AirwaySim can be customized even further to meet your specific requirements. Already now the simulation offers a wide range of settings and options to provide a detailed and dynamic simulation scenario, but if needed the software can be altered to meet the detailed requirements of your organization.

Visual customizations ranging from user access domain name and corporate branding (logo) in the interface are also available.

Contact us to find out more

To find out more about our simulation software for airline management training please do not hesitate to contact us. Please use the contact form below to reach us via e-mail.

If requested we would be delighted to give a live presentation and a demo of the software using for example Skype. Please contact us for details.

We shall be happy to provide a price quote of the simulation usage upon receiving necessary details. Pricing structure is based on type and duration of the simulation and also on number of students involved.

AirwaySim is a product of AviaDesign Ky, Finland.

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